Shirley McWilliams Acupuncture, Inc.


  • Acupuncture helped me prolong my lactation when I was breast feeding as well as ease my cramps when I was menstruating. It also helped in my rehabilitation after I had shingles. I am so thankful to Shirley for her attention and professionalism. - E.R
  • I originally came to see Dr. McWilliams for sheer curiosity. She answered all my questions about acupuncture and the difference between Eastern and Western medicine. After getting to know me and my health she alerted me that even though I have no apperent health issues there are a multitude of benifits to receiving treatments. Maintenance: Since the initial visit she has helped regulate my menstruation with the future goal of zero to little symptoms affecting me with only 1 visit a month while I'm ovulating. I have been seeing her a year now and I went from debilitating periods with down time and medication to very little symptoms and continuous productivity with no medication. Pain Management: I recently aquired a tendon injury during running. I did what was expected which was to visit the Hospital and Dr's office. A few hundred dollars later and very little diference in my health except gained knowledge in my situation I remembered Acupuncture. I was limping for two weeks at this point and after one visit I had immediate mobility with much less pain. I had to bumb up my visits to three times a week until I was back to normal but I still saved money going back to work. I would definitely reccomend acupuncture as a 1st choice for health care and pain management the body is an amazing healing machine and acupuncture unquestionably utilizes it curative powers. - V.L
  • I have been seeing Shirley for almost seven years now. She has helped me to get off of hormone replacement therapy, has helped me with plantar fasciities, with artheritis in my hand, bursitis in my hips. Acupuncture has helped me so much. Acupuncture is a natural and painless way to treat alot of issues.- S.M
  • I have been seeing Shirley McWilliams for over three years. I started for my allergies, but have found it also helpful for my hot flashes and my knees when they are acting up. Acupunture helps me out and can help you as well! - C.W